Permeation Test Cell

ASTM Method F-739, F-1383, EN374 and EN16523-1

Product Description

Pesce Lab Sales, Inc. is the original participant, in conjunction with Chairman Norm Henry and the ASTM Committee F23 on Protective Clothing, in developing the permeation test cell now used in ASTM Method F739-96.


The current permeation test cell design took approximately 3 years to perfect. This test cell is used worldwide to determine the permeation of hazardous chemicals through protective clothing. A smaller 1″ test cell that gives comparable results to the original, larger 2″ test cell is available. The smaller test cell allows for use of smaller volumes of test chemical and is more convenient for testing small swatches of material.

ASTM Permeation Test Cell PTC300
PTC 300 2" Ambient Permeation Test Cell for Vapor Phase

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