Penetration Test Cell Apparatus

ASTM Methods F-903, F1670, F1671

Product Description

The Penetration Test Cell Apparatus incorporates the standard test method for resistance of protective clothing materials to penetration by liquids or blood-borne pathogens. The Penetration Test Cell Apparatus conforms to applicable ASTM Standards, Methods F-903, F1670, F1671 which is used to test specimens of protective clothing materials, assemblies such as seams and closures, or interfaces used in the construction of protective clothing. The Penetration Test Cell Apparatus tests the resistance to visible penetration of the test liquid and is determined with the liquid in continuous contact with the normally outside (exterior) surface of the test specimen per the ASTM Methods.



In some cases, significant amounts of hazardous materials will permeate specimens that pass the penetration tests. For more sensitive analyses of permeation, we recommend ASTM Test Method F739. The Methods referenced above can be obtained through

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