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Penetration Test Apparatus ASTM Method F-903

Apparatus incorporates standard test method for resistance of protective clothing materials to penetration by liquids or blood-borne pathogens. Penetration Test Apparatus conforms to applicable ASTM Standards, Method F-903.

Complete Penetration Unit PTA-00
* Items Included in "Complete Penetration Unit"
Complete Test Cell (INCLUDES PART #PTA-01 THRU #PTA-10) PTA-15*
Cell Support - Stainless PTA-01
Cell Body - Teflon PTFE PTA-02
Gasket - 1/4" Expanded PTFE (Two Required) PTA-03
Retaining Screen - Nylon PTA-05
Flange Cover - Stainless Steel PTA-06
Shield - Transparent Lexan PTA-07
Drain Valve - Stainless PTA-08
Drain Valve Nipple - Stainless (Two Required) PTA-09
Top Port Airline Connector Assembly PTA-10
Spill Pan - Stainless PTA-20*
Split Collar - 1/2" Diameter Stainless PTA-21*
Swivel Clamp - Aluminum PTA-22*
Gauge - Low Pressure Diaphragm 0-5 PSI PTA-23*
Regulator - Precision Low Pressure PTA-24*
Relief Valve - Adjustable Low Pressure PTA-25*
Air Line With Quick Disconnects PTA-26*
2 Way Valve - Brass PTA-27*
5/16" / 18 Stainless Hex Nut (Four Required) PTA-31*
Flange Cover - Aluminum (Alternative for PTA-06) PTA-30
Cell Body - Stainless (Alternative for PTA-02) PTA-32